3. Forecasting should be the least of your worries.

Accurately forecasting and reporting your team’s numbers can indeed be a challenge but it’s usually an issue of behavior and motivation. Most salespeople get it… they need to use CRM and keep track of their opportunities. If you’re an organized person you’ll be just fine managing that.

As a Sales Leader there are a few things you’ll want to do to make sure the team is forecasting accurately. First, you’ve got to use the tool too! Keep checking CRM to ensure that your team is logging their activities and updating stages on opportunities. Second, regular sales team meetings where you’re asking the salespeople to tell you which deals are close-able within the month, as well as the next 60 days. This way, you can pay closer attention to these deals, and coach on the opportunities that will have an impact on the team’s attainment in the short and slightly-longer term. In the beginning do these weekly (heck, maybe daily check-ins!). Over time you’ll begin to understand how good your team members are at forecasting and you can coach them to be better.

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