2. Building team unity requires activities outside the office.

Managing a team of salespeople is both similar but different from managing other people in your organization.  Sales management is like coaching a team of swimmers or golfers. Everyone may work on the same team, but they all have to contribute and compete individually. How do you create cohesion, competition and cooperation among the team?   That mentor I mentioned earlier was also great at this.  He’d invite the team to his house on a Friday after work for a cocktail and some outside the office discussion.   It brought people together and we had fun.

If the team doesn’t feel like they know and at least at some level trust everyone, they’re not going to go that extra step to help one another. My advice: Make sure you spend time together outside the office and get to know one another. Plan team events, team lunches, happy hours, etc. — anything that enables the team to get closer to one another outside of work will pay dividends.  Remember that most likely you’ll turn over 10-30% of your team each year, so that means your team is always evolving.  Make sure you’re planning activities regularly to building that team bond.

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