4. You will have far less time in your day than you might think.

Stepping out your day to day “owner/CEO” role and adding on the sales management role takes that much more time. Often I see CEO’s who try to do it themselves. In many cases, they realize that in the end, they’re not doing the job the way it needs to be done. Your time was already precious, now it’s split even further. You’ll have to figure out which activities to prioritize quickly. What’s revenue generating and what’s Admin…and what’s everything else! Look at the activities that have the biggest impact on performance. They generally fall into three categories:

1. Coaching. What are we doing to help your team members achieve their goals?
2. Scaling. What can we do to help remove obstacles and better enable the majority of my team members to perform better? Can we put in better sales processes and tools?
3. Strategy & Recruiting. What are we doing to continuously build the future success of the team?