6. Your sales team members are not your clones…and you don’t want them to be!

This is a big challenge for entrepreneurs. The truth is, many business leaders recruit, coach and lead the same way in which they liked to be coached and led. We only know what we’ve experienced before right? Or they do it some way that they saw on TV or read about in a book (that’s sometimes very outdated in and of itself!)

If you haven’t come from a Sales background (and most business owners haven’t) then what’s your experience been? The challenge here is the same as with other employees in that, you need more than one gear. Not everyone responds the same way to the same challenges or motivations. That said, salespeople are a special breed. They can take rejection and failure and keep pushing, driving to a goal. Some salespeople are motivated by money but I’ve found many more that are motivated by respect, gratitude and appreciation. Small affirmations do wonders coming from a sales leader and even more coming from a president/CEO. However, the key here is not to follow the “Golden Rule” but instead, follow the Platinum rule: