7. Invest the time

Your new hires will need more of your mindshare compared to more tenured team members So what is a leader supposed to do!?

I have an admission here. This is a pet peeve of mine. Don’t hire if you’re not prepared to invest the time! All too often I see business owners/CEO who think that they can just go and hire someone off the street and then dump all of the Sales activities on them. They want to get that stuff “off their plate”. First, make sure you clearly lay out expectations for your new hire. What milestones should they be hitting and by when? Sit down and show them the resources and training you’re going to provide to help get them succeed. After all, you’re in this together. If they fail, you’ve failed!

Second, consider asking your more tenured team members to be mentors. If this is your first Sales hire, do you have other folks on your team who can help mentor them (even if they’re not on the Sales side). I find most people actually like paying it forward since most great reps had a mentor that got them where they are today. This will ease some of the stress on your time.

And third, set up a regular schedule of coaching sessions. I would recommend once per week as mandatory and twice per week as optional.