Our services encompass multiple steps that help organizations develop and manage an effective sales and marketing team.

Some companies need every step and others need one or two.

The Sales & Marketing Process Audit

This is often our first part of the engagement process. We sit down with the CEO/Owner and discuss what’s being done in the firm’s Sales & Marketing today, where are they trying to get to and discuss roadblocks. After the initial meeting we return to review the results in a comprehensive discussion that outlines current challenges and compares them to “best of breed” organizations.

Increase Lead Generation volume & efficiency

Most organizations under-invest in many aspects of lead generation and think that by hiring a mythical “great salesperson” they can succeed. They also radically overspend trying to hiring that “messiah” salesperson and over expend their resources before all of the leads could have been generated are gotten.


Customer Relationship Management, Marketing automation, the website, business collaboration tools, social media, lead scoring, business intelligence and more. Firms that invest in technology grow 2.5 times faster. Combine this with the repeatable sales process above and now the wheels are starting to turn. Add a little ‘secret sauce” to the mix and it’ll really hum. With our decades of experience we can make recommendations to put technology in that will help you grow.

Improve Sales Management

One of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurial firms is that the person running the ship in many cases doesn’t have a Sales or Sales Management background. Our leaders have managed hundreds of people in organizations ranging from small SMB to large Fortune 500s. We help business owners and entrepreneurial CEOs better develop their skills. We understand how to motivate and coach salespeople. We know that doing that effectively is different with each salesperson. Have a pipeline model (see the repeatable sales process + CRM above) and hold salespeople accountable on a consistent, regular basis.